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    So, what are Niche Edits?

    Niche edits are a technique of linking to an existing post, meaning you don’t have to create a new post. The procedure to implement this technique is similar to that of the guest publication, since first you must look for a blog or website with a theme related to yours, it’s also extremely important that you make sure that your links are inserted in a post that is relevant to your target keyword.

    This technique has gained a lot of fame today, as it’s a proven strategy to obtain backlinks from real authority sites that are already indexed and classified by Google. Additionally, it offers a greater possibility of obtaining immediate results, especially if your link is located in an article with relevant content for your site.

    Niche Edits vs Guest Posts

    Guest posting also called guest blogging, is a practice that consists of publishing an article on the blog of another person in order to gain visibility, authority, but especially to position our website in the first position of the first page of search engine results through backlinks.
    The effectiveness of guest posting or niche editing techniques will depend on your marketing goals. It’s almost impossible to define right off the bat which of the two is better as both are powerful strategies for building legitimate backlinks to your website. So when selecting one of them you should keep in mind that as stated above, niche edit links are a cheaper option.

    However, niche edit is an excellent option if you are interested in getting backlinks almost immediately. Instead, if you’re looking for a long-term backlink strategy and build sustainable relationships with blog owners, guest posting is the ideal technique for you.
    Although each of the techniques offers solutions to improve the organic positioning of your website in a different way and at different speeds, there are cases of people who have combined both techniques and have obtained very good results. Therefore, analyze what you need and take advantage of these incredible link building strategy to increase your income significantly.

    How Process of Acquiring NICHE EDITS work?

    Research Clean Niche Relevant Pages

    With tools like Google & Ahrefs Content Explorer, we research pages suitable for link insertion relevant to your niche and keywords, followed by filtering out domains based on Ahrefs DR, RD & Traffic.

    Outreach for Link Insertion

    Our highly-experienced outreach team looks for ways to naturally embed your link into those existing posts. They make link insertion proposals to the webmasters.

    Getting the Link Inserted

    Our team experiences a successful 2-3% acceptance rate from Webmasters willing to embed your link into their posts. We provide a live niche edit link report as well.

    When Does Niche Edit Work Effectively?


    Niche Edit works if the link obtained is from Domain fulfilling the following criteria:

    • A domain must be ranked in Google against the keywords attracting at least 1000+ Organic Traffic, as estimated by Ahrefs or Semrush.
    • The domain shouldn’t be a new one. The minimum criteria stands at: Ahrefs DR: 20+ & RD: 300+.
    • The links should NEVER be obtained via hacked or malware plug-ins that sneakily incorporate links without the consent of the Webmasters.

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    Our fool-proof niche edit service will get you high-quality links from high traffic, high RD, and high DR sites.


    What Niche Edits We Offer That Our Competitors Don’t?


    Example Of Blogs We Outreach To

    Our Niche Edit Packages

    Popular Choice


    $99/ link

    For Low to Medium Competitive Keywords

    • Min. Ahrefs Traffic: 500
    • Min. Ahrefs DR: 20
    • Min.  Ahrefs RD: 200
    • Niche Relevant

    Popular Choice


    $149/ link

    For Medium Competitive Keywords

    • Min. Ahrefs Traffic: 1000
    • Min. Ahrefs DR: 30
    • Min.  Ahrefs RD: 500
    • Niche Relevant

    Popular Choice


    $229/ link

    For Medium to High Competitive Keywords

    • Min. Ahrefs Traffic: 3000+
    • Min. Ahrefs DR: 40+
    • Min.  Ahrefs RD: 1000+
    • Niche Relevant

    Popular Choice

    Silver – 5 Links

    $449/ package

    For Low to Medium Competitive Keywords

    • Min. Ahrefs Traffic: 500+
    • Min. Ahrefs DR: 20+
    • Min.  Ahrefs RD: 300+
    • Niche Relevant

    Popular Choice

    Gold – 5 Links

    $699/ package

    For Medium Competitive Keywords

    • Min. Ahrefs Traffic: 1K+
    • Min. Ahrefs DR: 30+
    • Min.  Ahrefs RD: 500+
    • Niche Relevant

    Popular Choice

    Platinum - 5 Links

    $999/ package

    For Medium to High Competitive Keywords

    • Min. Ahrefs Traffic: 3K+
    • Min. Ahrefs DR: 40+
    • Min.  Ahrefs RD: 1000+
    • Niche Relevant

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. What is the difference between Guest Post Outreaching & Niche Edit / Link Insertion Outreaching?

    In Guest Post outreaching, we provide fresh article to the webmaster to be published on a website for the first time. While in case of Niche Edit or Link Insertion, we ask webmaster to edit and insert link on some old existing post (already indexed in Google) related to your keyword.

    2. Will link insertion be in a niche relevant page, domain or both?

    Our service is to provide you link insertion in niche relevant page already indexed in Google. The page can be a post of a General Blog carrying multiple different niches. However, we always prefer Niche Relevancy of both domain and post over page only in case of multiple available options.

    3. How can I be assured that I don't get link from the domain I already had backlink from?

    We make sure that by filtering the domains against Referring Domains data of your website as suggested by Ahrefs.

    4. What is DR as metrics? Why do you prefer it over DA?

    DR stands for Domain Rank which is a metric by Ahrefs similar to that of DA by Moz. We find it more accurate than Moz as the URLs data of Ahrefs is the biggest among all other third party SEO tools.

    5. What is RD as metrics?

    RD stands for “Referring Domains” for any Page or Domain.. It is an Ahrefs Metrics that gives the stats of total number of unique domains linking to one page or entire domain. When we talk about RD we mean total number of unique domains linking to the entire website chosen for link insertion / niche edit. The greater RD means better link juice.

    6. What is Organic Traffic as metrics?

    It is amount of speculated traffic coming from Google on keywords being ranked on first page with certain search volume. We assume that if a website has got some keywords being ranked on first page, it is not penalized in Google.

    7. What would I receive as a Service Delivery Report?

    You will receive: Live URLs of Niche Edited Pages where your Link is Inserted.

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